Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m Ahava aka The Sensitive Momma. I’m a proud, awed and sometimes terrified mum to my beautiful, headstrong and extremely expressive Baby C.

This blog was borne out of the sheer overwhelm and bewilderment that is parenthood. That and, I’m often told I’m “too sensitive”. I thought being sensitive and quintessentially a neurotic over-thinker was something to be hidden, discouraged and kept in the figurative closet. Until becoming a mum.

On a crisp and gorgeous day in December 2015 I began my journey into motherhood. I also came to the earth-shaking realization that I was fully responsible for the little baby-burrito gazing back at me. I’d had a difficult pregnancy and an even harder post-natal (almost) year. In fact, much of the time I felt stripped and unsure of myself and my mothering. What I did become certain of through this rough time, was how being sensitive could be my biggest strength as a mum. Something that could guide me to champion what is compassionate, gentle and loving and works for us.

I believe in responsive parenting. I stand by the philosophy that it’s impossible to spoil a baby/child/ teenager/adult person with too much love and cuddles. I realize that as parents we are all doing the best we know how.

I’ve come to discover that being a parent is about upping sticks and moving forever, to live on a giant roller-coaster. The scary parts constantly meld into the exhilarating parts to make for one memorable ride.

If any of this resonates, I hope you’ll join me on my musings, ruminations and rants. If reading this makes you think I’m too sensitive, that’s cool. Please feel free to forward this to the people in your life who are also ‘too sensitive’.

Much love,

The Sensitive Momma